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Kenyan boy Kelvin Muriuki goes to school in helicopter

By statefm / Published on Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 18:30 PM / 57 Comments / 166 views

A poor 14-year-old boy in Kenya has been flown to school in a helicopter after air force veterans offered to pay for his secondary education.

Kelvin Muriuki was top of his class in 2016, but poverty forced him to go and work in a quarry, his family said.

The Kenya Air Force Veteran Officers Association then stepped in to pay his school fees and to give him a helicopter ride to his new school.

Kelvin’s dreams are now back on track – he says he wants to become a pilot.

Many children regularly drop out of school in Kenya because of poverty.

The association said it would pay Kelvin’s annual school fee of $530 (£430) until he completes his secondary education in 2020.

He arrived at his new school in the central Kenyan town of Karicheni after a helicopter ride of about 20 minutes from his previous school, reports the BBC’s Abdinoor Aden from the capital, Nairobi.


57 thoughts on “Kenyan boy Kelvin Muriuki goes to school in helicopter”

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