Martin Amidu Steps In… Demands Information On Agyapa Deal From Parliament

“This office will be concentrating on any potential of the said transaction(s) to promote and facilitate the suspected commission of corruption and corruption-related offences and advise the government accordingly” a portion of the statement read.
Agyapa deal
The Agyapa deal generated lots of controversies and tussle between the ruling government, the opposition and some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).
The deal which started in June 2018 when Parliament passed the Minerals Income Investment Fund (Act 2018) to manage the equity interests in mining companies and also receive royalties on behalf of the Government of Ghana generated controversy when on August 14, 2020, the Majority MPs secured the numbers to pass the agreement causing the Minority to stage a walked out.
Meanwhile, government insists the deal is for the country’s own good

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