Month: August 2022

Nana Adu Danso A Broadcast Journalist Clothes’ The Widow As He Celebrates His Birthday

On the 23 August, 2022 Nana Adu Danso a broadcast Journalist who host a drive time show on Radio 1 in the eastern region of Ghana celebrated his Birthday with a set of widows which he usually does for the past five (5)years.

A lot of activities took place, such as free eye screening by Memento Eye Centre, Dodowa, donation of cloth to about 30 widows, free distribution of Unifresh drinks, products from Arla Food (Dano Milk, Dano Coffee & Dano Strawberry)

This years’ celebration featured a lot of dignitaries such as Great Warrior Prophet Gideon(Leader & Founder Of God Of Abraham Church, Accra) Apostle Enoch Debrah (City Of Grace), Prophet No Weapon Of No Weapon Ministry, media practitioners and musicians. 

The motive behind, according to Nana Adu Danso when speaking to him in an interview is to put smiles on the faces of his listeners, especially, widows anytime he celebrates his birthday because without them his Radio Show will be unproductive.

The celebration was successful  with about 300 people present. I thank everyone who came on board and supported to mark the day. May Jehovah bless each and everyone abundantly, he concluded. 

Kwesi Atta Antwi elected new lay President of Methodist Church-Ghana

The Methodist Church Ghana has elected Kwesi Atta Antwi, a member of the Kumasi Wesley Society, in the Kumasi Diocese as the next Lay President of the church.
The Lay President of the Methodist Church Ghana, is a person who is not a reverend minister but mandated by the Methodist Constitution to “assist the Presiding Bishop in giving leadership to the Church in addition to carrying out duties that may be assigned by Conference and by the Presiding Bishop.

The Lay President also presides over the Representative Session of Conference and General Directorates in the absence of the Presiding Bishop.

Mr Atta Antwi who is a Past Lay Chairman of the Kumasi Diocese and a Management Consultant will take office from October, 2023 when the three year mandate of the incumbent, William Orleans Oduro expires.

He was elected after a run-off election held on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at the 50th Annual and 12th Biennial Conference of the Methodist Church Ghana held in Winneba.

He has served the Church in several capacities at various levels.

He polled 255 votes, representing 68.63 per cent of ballots cast to go pass his closest contender, Grace Nkrumah-Mills of the Wesley Society in Akosombo in the Somanya Diocese, who secured 117 votes.

Key decisions taken by church at the Winneba Conference

At the conference in Winneba, the Methodist Church Ghana took some key decisions including the creation of two new Dioceses starting October 1, 2022 to bring the total number of Dioceses to 22.

The new ones are the Ho and North America.

OSP Vs. Labianca raises questions about Ghana’s governance-Prof.E Gyimah Boadi

The ongoing public dispute between the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) and Labianca Company Limited raises a number of troubling questions about the state of governance in Ghana today, the Co-founder and former Executive Director of CDD-Ghana, Prof. E. Gyimah-Boadi has said.
The dispute is over questionable dealings between Labianca and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

The Chief Executive of Labianca is Ms. Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh, who happens to be a member of the Council of State.

Firstly, should the President appoint an individual to serve on the board of a public agency with whom that individual has private business dealings?

And if so, doesn’t that set that person up for conflict of interest?

Secondly, is it appropriate for the President to appoint a member of the Council of State to a state agency board?

Was there an objectively compelling public interest-related reason for the President to make such an appointment?

And finally, was the appointment run by the Council of State? And if the answer is yes, doesn’t the Council of State’s approval of the appointment of one of its members to a state agency board position smack of institutional self-dealing on the part of Council of State?

In conclusion, it is obvious that the entire sordid episode speaks specifically to the entrenchment of incumbent leaders and political elite capture of Ghana; and generally, to the alarming decline in governance standards in our 4th Republic.

Therefore, as a recommendation, this unfortunate event highlights the urgent need for an ethics czar at the Presidency, Executive Branch, Council of State, and other important decision-making and public resource allocation agencies and institutions.

Prof. Gyimah-Boadi is cofounder, board chair, and interim Chief Executive Officer of the Afrobarometer (a nonpartisan, pan-African survey research network that provides reliable data on Africans’ experiences and evaluations of quality of life, governance, and democracy). He is also cofounder and former executive director of the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana, a leading independent democracy and good governance think tank), and a former professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Ghana, Legon. Gyimah-Boadi is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences (US).

Ashanti Regional Police Administration Adopting Centralized Communication System-Ashanti GJA

The Ashanti Regional branch of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has observed with grave concern a situation where the Police Administration appears to have adopted what can be described as a 'centralized communication system' which ın our view has the potential to affect the time-testded Police-Media relations in the region.

The Association is finding it difficult to understand why the regional Police Command ın recent times appears to be avoiding media interviews on news items where the police in the region iş expected to provide clarifcations on urgent situations of public interest but rather chooses to refer the media to the headquarters in Accra.

Is it not surprising, why media houses in the region cannot access information of an incident in the region from the regional command?.

A point must be made by GJA that "our job is not just to be called upon to cover parades and" WASSA" at your instance".

The fact remains that journalists have an essential duty to inform the public on the issues of security and other safety matters.

It is a fact that both journalists and the police share the common object of providing service to the Public, even though from different perspectives.

While the police work to keep peace and provide safety for the public, the media work to provide information, in fact, accurate information, to the public including the police and other security forces.

Therefore, the situation where a media house cannot access information from the Regional Command, but would have to wait for someone from Accra to respond to the issues, which in many instances is not forthcoming, should be of great worry to us and as a result calls for a second thought by the Police Administration.

İt is therefore our submission that İf nothing iş done to correct the state of affairs, such can easily give rise to speculations and twisting of facts, which would not be in the best interest of the people both institutions are serving.

İt is the position of GJA Ashanti that the police iş chatting a path of creating a strained relationship between the two institutions with the introducion of centralised communication system where journalists ın the region are referred to contact the headquarters in Accra for clarifications on news items ın Kumasi and its environs and that şame needs to be rectified.

This position of ours is reinforced by our strong desire to avoid instances of speculative reporting which can be inimical to the progress of democratic growth and development.

Hope King
Ashanti Regional Chairman,


Education Ministry gives final demand notice to TANIT Ltd

The Education Ministry has sent a final demand notice to TANIT Ltd for the refund of an amount of eight hundred and fifty-nine thousand, one hundred and fifteen cedis, forty-six pesewas (Gh859, 115.46).

The demand for the refund was due to TANIT’s failure to execute the given assignment within the specified duration.

In a letter dated 18th August 2022, the Ministry indicated that it will advise itself if TANIT Ltd fails to comply with the final demand notice.

The Ministry made reference to letters dated 22nd June 2022, 24th June 2022 and 18th July 2022 all in relation to the contract agreement signed on 26th July, 2021 between them.

Terms of contract 

The Education Ministry in the contract expected TANIT Ltd to have performed each of the five deliverables and submit a claim respectively for work done at each stage and report for verification before moving to the next stage.

Here are the five deliverables spelt out in the contract by the Ministry to TANIT Ltd: 

1. Submission of inception report by August 2021 attracting payment of 15 per cent of the contract sum which was met by TANIT Ltd.

2. Design, construct and build a platform for the training of teachers online by September, 2021 attracting payment of 25 per cent.

3. Develop and build curriculum design by October 2021 also attracting 20 per cent payment. 

4. Operationalise a dashboard, platform sign off and go live by November 2021 which also attracted payment of 20 per cent. 

5. Consultant to be required to stay on board for additional two months (December 2021 to January 2022) after the project goes live for quality assurance which attracted the remaining 20 per cent.

The bone of contention is the fact that TANIT Ltd did not submit monthly reports for the remaining four deliverables but rather lumped the four reports together and requested the payment of the remaining 85 per cent contract sum.

In addition, TANIT Ltd also failed to complete the project within the five-month period as prescribed by the contract.


It must be noted that TANIT Ltd submitted a lumped payment claim of the remaining 85 per cent on 14th February 2022 meanwhile, the contract which was signed on 26th July 2021 was supposed to be completed by January 2022.

It must be put on record that TANIT Ltd's contract was NOT TERMINATED as is being speculated but it rather EXPIRED forcing the Education Ministry to seek support from another source for the successful execution of the project.

The Education Ministry is therefore informing the general public of its commitment to making good use of resources it received from the government for the provision of quality education to all Ghanaians irrespective of location.

Again, the Ministry did not cook up figures but gave actual training figures to merit the payment of the project fund from the World Bank.

Former MMDCEs Under Nana Addo Cry Over End Of Service Benefit

Former MMDCEs in the Country who worked under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s first term of government are calling on the President of the Republic to credit them with their End of Service Benefit.

According to them, for over twelve months that they were sacked from government ,the Nation has refused to pay them their End of Service Benefits.
Speaking to this newspaper,the inability of the government to pay them their End of Service Benefit has rendered some of them into abject poverty.

Source has it that,most of them cannot even afford to pay their utility bills,let alone their wards' school fees because of the untimely sack and it forgoing characters.

The source indicated further that , most of them depend on their wives for living which according to them has resulted into broken homes leading others to their untimely death.

Report has it that some of them are finding it difficult to have their daily three square meal.

The above reasons have compelled them to demonstrate against their own party government if not paid .

According to them,if the President fails to attend to them then they have no option than to demonstrate against their former master.

They revealed that, lives have not been eazy for them since they were sacked from government and the only way they could enjoy lives in this difficult times is to have access to their End of Service Benefits but the government has refused to pay them since.

They however appealed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to as a matter of urgency release their money in order to make lives better for them because they are suffering.

Education Has Been Transform Under This Current Administration – Hon Osei Yaw Adutwum, Minister Of Education.

The Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) is a five-year project to improve the quality of education in low-performing basic education schools to strengthen education sector equity and accountability in Ghana for an over view to know where to tackle from as a ministry in other to bring out the best from our student right from primary school. As a ministry we will render services as remedial from Primary two(2).

Hon. Adutwum in his speech told the press ways the ministry have set measure for text books to be available to schools in next academic year.

Secondly there was assessment of students of primary Four(4) in other to know their strength to be able to be guided on the education sector to know what should be focused on and Ahafo was able to come first in both Maths and English.

Thirdly he spoke about the STEM High Schools which most of them has been completed and others in progress of completion which gets people overwhelmed about the standard of construction. There are 12 science labs in the Creative art Senior High School which will create a network of Sci-fi Movies.

Our administration is task to fully complete a school before is handed over for a full academic studies with well equipped tools to learn. There are advance equipment in our various Technical Universities. There are about seven(7) Technical college under construction in the midst of our economical challenges in all new created regions he said.

In addition there are five(5) STEM University approved under the budge which is going through visibility studies. There are also 32 Super STEM High Schools, ten(10) of which will begin this year. 100 million Cedis has also been allocated for the construction of lower secondary schools or the lower high schools.

Education is been transformed, I am glad to inform you that education is changing under His excellency President Nana Addo and as a sector minister I am excited. Top notch high schools science labs are being renovated and advance.

Everywhere you turn there are level of transformation and we as a team are increasing opportunities for a student to peruse science. The country will develop when a lot of our students are pursuing STEM education with a lot of engagement of girls he said.

Who approved a school under tree? Is the Ghana Education Service which boils down to inability to plan well before sending teachers and head teachers. There are measure on board to make sure community with no schools will get adequately and there will be schools under tree.

He finally throws light on t he Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) is a five-year project to improve the quality of education in low-performing basic education schools and strengthen education sector equity and accountability in Ghana. It reason of creation is to make sure teachers are well trained for students in other for a no child to be left behind policy. The GALOP has been structured different for many countries and country like Ghana the world Bank has offered us the credibility for a result meant. You are paid after you train, which an amount was paid into the ministry accounts after they render the service with a certified report from the World Bank.

Communication Is Essential In Other To Break The Eight(8) – Joseph Anaman 

Joseph Anaman communication team member of the NPP in his speech on Womtumi Radio, emphasized on the fact that Weija-Gbawe is one the best constituency. As member of Parliament is always working hard together with Quame Bequin their youth leader. 

In the New Patriotic Party we have structures in assigning one for a Presidential bait. As a presidential aspirant what you can used to win a vote is your level of communication as it is a currency in Politics. Their spokes person should take note the only thing that can be helpful is how they communicate.

In addition if our administration is keen in communicating what they have done so far towards the developmental goals of the Nation, especially the free Shs policy, the citizenry will appreciate their efforts to vote for them for a continuous rendering of service to the Ghana.

Let communicate efficiently for Ghanaians to know the good work Nana-Addo and his team are doing for their citizens to conclude his speech.


We once raised the hope for EFFUTU and everything useful within her land as much as development and growth is concerned. This flag of hope was raised by past NDC leaders, 2013. 

EFFUTU (NDC) again strangely acted mischievous to dash the hope of the whole EFFUTU  constituency developmental race, Emmanuel Kwesi Egyir, next deputy Communicator who is prayerful and hopeful states.

It therefore behooves on us , this generation of EFFUTU youth to set the new pace , renew the EFFUTU  constituency hope again , and this time guard against any reactionaries, traitors , betrayals within ourselves so religiously to avoid another historic disgrace , historic disappointment to shoot ourselves in the foot. 

Let us grow EFFUTU NDC  to bring the old message of hope for EFFUTU and the people of EFFUTU descents.

This is call to duty to redeem our EFFUTU NDC image we tainted on the 7th of DECEMBER,2013. 

We have to make a new indelible name in the annals of EFFUTU NDC history for ourselves to gain the trust of our fellow EFFUTU'S and the people all over . 

Effutu can and must be made to start working again . Nature don't work against itself..

*#1 voice is the answer*








The Minority in Parliament has taken note of the significant utility tariff hikes for electricity and water in an announcement by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC).

Firstly, we wish to debunk the misleading conclusion that the PURC has increased the Electricity tarrifs by 27% for all consumers.

A critical look at the tarrif structure as announced reveals that all residential consumers who falls between 0-300 kWh bracket have witnessed a price increase from GHp/kWh 65.4161 to GHp/kWh89.0422, representing an increment of almost 34%.

It should be noted that the bulk of residential consumers fall within the 0-300 kWh bracket and will therefore be adversely affected by the 34% adjustment.

More importantly, we have taken note that the increment is on account of the worsening Ghana Cedi against other major trading currencies.

The Cedi has in recent times witnessed a free fall-reaching almost 50% and currently rated amongst the worst performing currencies in the world.

The country is already realing under a galloping inflation estimated at about 32% thus, this utility tarrif increment will only exacerbate the current high cost of living and will thus worsen the plight of the already impoverished Ghanaian.

Prior to this electriciry tarrif increments, Petroleum products at the pumps have witnessed a collosal increment of about 100%. So far the Energy Debt Recovery Levy has seen an increase of 20%; the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levy is up by 40%. The Unified Petroleum Pricing Formula has been increased by 164%, whilst the BOST margin has been increased from 3 Pesewas to 9 Pesewas representing 200% increase. As if this is not enough, the fuel marking margin levy has also been increased by another 233%.

This is against the background that the volume of petroleum products consumed has increased by 35% from 4 billion litres to 5.5 billion litres.

We are of the strongest conviction that Government can and must do something to cushion Ghanaians who are going through unimaginable hardships with ever worsening poverty levels under the Akufo-Addo/Bawumiah led government.

It will be recalled that following the major tariff review in 2016, the NDC Government intervened, resulting in a reduction of the rate of increment by close to 50%.

We have also taken note of government’s announcement that an unexpected windfall of about USD500,000 from Ghana's share of petroleum resources was accrued in the 2022 mid-year budget statement.

This statement clearly means government is making huge unanticipated revenues from crude exports hence the need to cushion the suffering masses from these windfalls.

Finally, we wish to caution the PURC to refrain from capturing the AKSA plant which has had its contract tenure expired in the price build-up since that will be illegal.