Day: August 19, 2022

Education Has Been Transform Under This Current Administration – Hon Osei Yaw Adutwum, Minister Of Education.

The Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) is a five-year project to improve the quality of education in low-performing basic education schools to strengthen education sector equity and accountability in Ghana for an over view to know where to tackle from as a ministry in other to bring out the best from our student right from primary school. As a ministry we will render services as remedial from Primary two(2).

Hon. Adutwum in his speech told the press ways the ministry have set measure for text books to be available to schools in next academic year.

Secondly there was assessment of students of primary Four(4) in other to know their strength to be able to be guided on the education sector to know what should be focused on and Ahafo was able to come first in both Maths and English.

Thirdly he spoke about the STEM High Schools which most of them has been completed and others in progress of completion which gets people overwhelmed about the standard of construction. There are 12 science labs in the Creative art Senior High School which will create a network of Sci-fi Movies.

Our administration is task to fully complete a school before is handed over for a full academic studies with well equipped tools to learn. There are advance equipment in our various Technical Universities. There are about seven(7) Technical college under construction in the midst of our economical challenges in all new created regions he said.

In addition there are five(5) STEM University approved under the budge which is going through visibility studies. There are also 32 Super STEM High Schools, ten(10) of which will begin this year. 100 million Cedis has also been allocated for the construction of lower secondary schools or the lower high schools.

Education is been transformed, I am glad to inform you that education is changing under His excellency President Nana Addo and as a sector minister I am excited. Top notch high schools science labs are being renovated and advance.

Everywhere you turn there are level of transformation and we as a team are increasing opportunities for a student to peruse science. The country will develop when a lot of our students are pursuing STEM education with a lot of engagement of girls he said.

Who approved a school under tree? Is the Ghana Education Service which boils down to inability to plan well before sending teachers and head teachers. There are measure on board to make sure community with no schools will get adequately and there will be schools under tree.

He finally throws light on t he Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) is a five-year project to improve the quality of education in low-performing basic education schools and strengthen education sector equity and accountability in Ghana. It reason of creation is to make sure teachers are well trained for students in other for a no child to be left behind policy. The GALOP has been structured different for many countries and country like Ghana the world Bank has offered us the credibility for a result meant. You are paid after you train, which an amount was paid into the ministry accounts after they render the service with a certified report from the World Bank.

Communication Is Essential In Other To Break The Eight(8) – Joseph Anaman 

Joseph Anaman communication team member of the NPP in his speech on Womtumi Radio, emphasized on the fact that Weija-Gbawe is one the best constituency. As member of Parliament is always working hard together with Quame Bequin their youth leader. 

In the New Patriotic Party we have structures in assigning one for a Presidential bait. As a presidential aspirant what you can used to win a vote is your level of communication as it is a currency in Politics. Their spokes person should take note the only thing that can be helpful is how they communicate.

In addition if our administration is keen in communicating what they have done so far towards the developmental goals of the Nation, especially the free Shs policy, the citizenry will appreciate their efforts to vote for them for a continuous rendering of service to the Ghana.

Let communicate efficiently for Ghanaians to know the good work Nana-Addo and his team are doing for their citizens to conclude his speech.